GLORIA OUTDOOR LAMPS WITH SOLAR PANEL - Installation and user guide

Modified on Fri, 26 Jan 2024 at 11:34 AM

How to install:

(1)  Make two holes of 8mm diameter and 60mm depth in the wall.

(2)  Secure the solar panel using the included plugs, washers and screws.

(3)  Adjust the solar panel to the proper angle and tighten the side nuts to fix its position.

(4)  Hang the lamps where needed and connect and secure the cables to the solar panel.

* Generaly the solar panel should face a direction (south) where sunlight can charge the panel for at least 3 hours per day  (5 hours if behind glass). We suggest charging the battery 24 hours before first use.

* Maitenance: Use a soft damp cloth to clean the panel, at least once a year, to prevent power reduction due to dust accumulation.

User guide:

Press the button on the panel to turn on the device. M1 mode will be activated.

Press the button again to turn it off.

The lamps will lose their configuration if they are turned off from this button and the remote will have no control over them.


In this mode, the lamp's operation is not affected by the twilight sensor. The brightness and lighting time can be adjusted from the remote control.

The lamps remain at 60% brightness from power on by default. Three hours later they will turn off automatically. You will have to use the remote to turn them on again.

The ON time (3h) will be reset if the lamps are turned off and on.


In this mode, the operation of the lamps is affected by the twilight sensor and the on time can be adjusted with the remote control, but the brightness cannot be modified.

The lamps will automatically turn on at night and stay on at 60%. Three hours later they will turn off automatically.

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